Insomnia Series: Part I

I’m an insomniac and, in general, a difficult sleeper. This goes back a long time. In day care, as a child, I was allowed to read during nap time.

Most nights, it takes me over an hour after I’ve gone to bed to fall asleep. Some nights it takes much longer. I’ve come to accept this as a fact about myself, though it is frustrating.

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of methods to combat my insomnia. Today’s post is on over-the-counter and prescription remedies. Part II will concern homeopathic methods.

  • Sleep-aid pills: I find one, extra strength pill will put me to sleep in a timely fashion, but their effectiveness wears off with repeated use. The morning after I’m a little heavy and groggy.
  • Anti-nausea pills: The regular (ie: non-drowsy) pills knock me out gently and more naturally feeling than the sleep-aid pills. Effectiveness does wear off, but not as quickly, and fewer side effects in the morning.
  • Zopiclone: This prescription med is supposedly heavy duty. I took it once, on a long-haul flight to Europe when I was sick and while it made me drowsy, it did not make me sleep.



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