Currently Reading and Some Mini Book Reviews

I was thrilled when I got an email from the Winnipeg Public Library notifying me that Mockingjay, the third novel in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, came in for me. I was so worried that I wouldn’t get a chance to read it before I’m back in school and have to abandon pleasure reading. Mockingjay picks up where Catching Fire left off. Katniss has been rescued from the Hunger Games arena and now is safe in District 13. A revolution against the Capitol is underway and Katniss is enlisted to be its symbol and spokesperson.

Very dark and as compelling as the first two books. My review of one and two.

As for other books I’ve read in the last little while:

Rabbit Run by John Updike: A few months in the life of a former basketball star who wants to escape the restraints of his life. I wasn’t too in to this and struggled to finish it. Probably has something to do with the very steam-of-consciousness type writing.

-The Girl Who Played With Fire by Steig Larson: The second in this popular series was quick and enjoyable.

-The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: The story of a girl who, after being raped and killed, watches her family deal with the tragedy. Too mushy and sentimental and didn’t hold my interest at all.


One thought on “Currently Reading and Some Mini Book Reviews

  1. […] trilogy (blogged about here, here, and here) is so compelling I could hardly put the books down. The first is my favourite, but the other two […]

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