Books: The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes

I had this book on hold for months so I was thrilled when I got it with just enough time to read before the big move. Winner of the 2011 Booker Prize, The Sense of an Ending is about Tony Webster, a retiree who remembers his youth and the three friends he was close to. However, it seems that memory is not as reliable as he thought.

I really liked the beginning of this book where Tony reminisces about his youth and what happened, but less so when we get to the present and he spends most of his time ruminating on the past, the imperfections of memory and other philosophical questions. However, at 150 pages, that part was easy to get through. The ending was a bit puzzling and I’m not sure I quite got it, but overall I enjoyed the book, not enough to recommend it, but enough to be glad I read it.

I give it seven and a half English school boys out of ten.




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