Currently (as of May 17th…)

April photo challenge day 18: hair*

Thinking about: School, mostly school and getting organized. Taking five classes means I have lots of assignments and even though it’s only the second week, I’ve got a huge stack of paper in my locker and at home that consists of syllabuses (syllabi?), course readings, orientation materials etc. It’s time to buy file folders.

Eating: Lots of baked goods: the muffins from the last post, this cornbread that is amazing that I make with this soup.

Wishing: I had a lot of money. I’ve never been that flush, but being back in school full-time is zapping all my money and, with none coming in, it’s a bit stressful.

Watching: Community, season 3. Abed is my favourite. Troy is a close second.

(*I realize I did not post the remaining photos in my April photo challenge, but, with moving, I was only able to do that until the 27th and by the time I got Internet set up at home, it just didn’t seem worth it. I also realize I attempted to start a series of new words on Saturday that I have not followed through with. All this to say, I’m a bad blogger.)
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