my handsome cat, Oscar

Cooking : Made this for the first time yesterday and it was so good. Definitely adding it to the regular rotation.
Drinking : The usual suspects: Stash’s Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea, French press coffee made with local Black Pearl beans (when my husband’s around in the morning to make it for me), and water.
Reading : The Best Laid Plans. Found it in a paperback spinner at my local library and thought I would give it a shot while I wait for my gazillion holds to come in. I like it, but it is very Canadian.
Wanting: A new grown-up bag to replace the utilitarian MEC one I carry around.
Looking: At the snow fall outside and wondering why I bothered to shovel.
Playing: Candy Crush. Still. All the time. Somebody break the spell.
Enjoying: The Body Shop’s olive body butter. So fresh and clean smelling and so moisturizing after a long, hot shower.
Liking: All the beauty vloggers “best of the year” posts.
Wondering: When this cold weather will end. I read a news story recently that said Winnipeg has had 18 days of temperatures lower than -30.
Needing: Some big-girl work clothes for my new big-girl job.
Wearing: My usual uniform: jeans (Jessica Simpson skinny), a t-shirt (Joe), and a cardigan (H&M).
Feeling: The effects of all that snow shovelling in my shoulders and arms.

Currently: January Edition

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