Review: Yes to


I picked up the Yes to Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser when I was in need of a face cleanser and was waiting on an iherb order. As far as drugstore products go, this brand is fairly clean, though parfum is found in the ingredient list, and that could be anything.

This cleanser is a cream that has kind of a strange smell, but nothing that is too offensive. It goes on smooth and feels soothing, however, I found that when I rinsed it off, no matter how thorough I was, I was left with a thin film of the product behind. I found that to completely remove the cleanser, I needed to use a washcloth. This product did leave my skin feeling clean without drying it out, but I need a cleanser that will rinse off completely just with water so I would not repurchase it.

I purchased some Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes for my recent trip to Calgary. Wipes are not a regular part of my routine as I find them quite wasteful, but they are super useful for taking off my make-up when travelling so I allow myself to purchase them only when I go on a trip. Again, these don’t have the cleanest ingredients as they contain both phenoxyethanol and fragrance, but like the cleanser, they are SLS, paraben, and petroleum free.

These wipes have a fresh, light cucumber sent and they did the job just fine. I did not get the chance to try them on heavy make-up, but on some (non-waterproof) mascara, eyebrow pencil, and blush, they did the trick.

It’s nice to see more affordable natural brands available at the drugstore and I might try a few more products from this line if need be. Have you tried anything from the Yes to line?

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