Toners, What are They Good For?


I’ve only really developed a proper skin care routine in the last year. Before that, I washed my face with Ivory soap morning and night, put on some SPF during the day, and that was that.

I forget what the impetus was towards developing a better routine, but I’ve since added a morning toner, evening serum, and night cream. I’ve also changed from Ivory soap to a dedicated face cleanser and usually do a double cleanse at night.

There are still certain steps in this routine that, according to skin care ‘experts’, I am lacking. I don’t exfoliate, use a serum during the day, or use a dedicated eye cream, because I just don’t know if these are worthwhile steps. I feel similarly about toner.

Apparently toner helps re-adjust your skin’s pH level after cleansing and adds a bit of moisture back into the skin. Honestly, I don’t think toner does anything. I can go without it and see no change in my skin. However, it is a step I’ve come to really like. I use rosewater and find spritizing it on in the morning is super refreshing.

Of the two brands of rosewater I’ve used, I prefer the Thayer’s as the smell is less perfumey than the one from the Heritage Store.  However, the Thayer’s does not have a spray top, so I need to decant it into another vessel. Not a deal-breaker.

Do you use a toner? Do you find it makes any difference to your skin?

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One thought on “Toners, What are They Good For?

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