November Update and December Intentions


How did I do with my intentions for November? So glad you asked.

Meditate (at least) three times a week. I started out strong on this one, but once I ran out of free sessions from Headspace, I just stopped. I should maybe try to get back into it, but it’s hard to get out of bed that much earlier to meditate especially now when the mornings are so dark and cold.

Exercise (at least) once a week. Another fail, though two out of four weeks isn’t bad, right? The big problem with this one is that now that I can’t run outside, I don’t know what else to do. I’ve done some Fitness Blender videos, but those get sort of boring. Any suggestions for at home workouts I can do that will get my heart rate up for at least 35 minutes?

Schedule recurring deposits into my savings accounts. Done and done.

Buy a belt. Yep, thank you Target.

December Intentions

Continue to try to exercise (at least) once a week. Can I do this in December? Stay tuned.

Make a wedding album. I’ve been married for a year and a half and yet, the pictures sit in Dropbox, neglected. I have four days off near the end of the month and intend to work on this then. I think I’m going to go through Pinhole Press, but am open to other suggestions…

Get a haircut. I tend to only get a haircut once a year and am overdue. I’d like to get some shorter layers put in and am going to use the pictures from this post as inspiration.

Keep the bathroom clean. Specifically the toilet, soap dish, and bathtub drain. Doesn’t take much effort and makes a huge difference.


One thought on “November Update and December Intentions

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