Cookin’ Vegan


Lately, I’ve been having a moment with Angela Liddon’s vegan cookbook Oh She Glows. This past week, I’ve made two new recipes from this book, both of which have been fantastic.

After spending a few weeks (and a lot of moola) getting the ingredients together, I made her famous Glo Bars – a granola bar chock full of healthy ingredients like chia seeds, hemp seeds, and rolled oats. They were fairly easy to throw together and are really filling. I will definitely be making these again. (Besides, what else am I going to do with brown rice syrup?)

I also made Overnight Oats (this recipe is slightly different from the one in the book), which my husband and I liked so much, I made it twice this week! It takes literally five minutes to put together and in the morning, you have a breakfast that will keep you full until lunch. I’d like to experiment a bit with the add-ins.

Have you been making any new recipes lately?

p.s. My favourite thing from this cookbook is the Chana Masala. It has become a staple weeknight meal.


One thought on “Cookin’ Vegan

  1. libys11 says:

    that chana masala looks like a dish i’d be interested with!! 😀

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