December Update and January Intentions

Let’s check in with my December intentions, shall we?

Continue to try to exercise (at least) once a week. Success! Even though this is a measly amount of exercise, I feel pretty good about accomplishing this intention.

Make a wedding album. Fail. I did get all the photos I like together, but when I went to make an album with Pinhole Press, I couldn’t get my photos arranged the way I wanted them.

Get a haircut. Success. And I love  it. I got some layers put in and it gives my hair a lot more volume and bounce.

Keep the bathroom clean. Sort of? I definitely was more vigilant about keeping the soap dish and sink clean, but sort of let the ball drop on the toilet and bathtub.

January Intentions

Exercise (at least) six times. I’m upping my exercise game for January.

Don’t buy anything unnecessary. December was a spendy month. This month, I will buy only essentials.

Eat more vegetables and less carbs. December was also a month full of food and I need to detox a bit from a month of indulgence.

And that’s a wrap for 2014! See you in the new year!


2 thoughts on “December Update and January Intentions

  1. JustHayleyS says:

    Exercise is very important I find. When I do it I am happier and I manage all my other tasks better. Idea for your wedding album – maybe break it down into smaller sections: Pre-wedding (getting ready and bridesmade shots), Ceremony, Post Ceremony Celebration, and then break the reception down into sections as well: Dinner, Dancing, First Kiss. Honey Moon.

    Just an idea 🙂

  2. Hannelene says:

    Self care is so important! Good job on upping your exercise commitment.

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