Reading: Rainbow Rowell’s Landline, which is easy and quick, but just sort of okay. Stay tuned to my instagram for a mini-review.

Doing: Lots and lots of meditating (40 minutes a day!). I’m taking a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and am learning to be more mindful in my day-to-day.

Celebrating: Oscar’s cat-iversary. As of Wednesday, we’ll have had him for three years. Seems like just yesterday we were picking him up from the airport…

Watching: The new season of Girls, Top Chef (Team Gregory!), Parenthood (sob), and Gilmore Girls. (Also recently finished season 4 of Homeland and HOLY SH*T so good.)

Loving: The milder weather and being able to run outside.

Anticipating: Dinner on ice! Every year, there is a pop-up restaurant on the frozen river and Kevin and I are going next week. Crossing my fingers that it is not freezing.

Wearing: My Sorrels every. single. day. They are a necessity for this season.

Plotting: Next year’s garden. I saw seeds for sale at the grocery store and can’t wait until spring. Last year was my first year gardening and I grew carrots, beets, and swiss chard. This year, I’m hoping to build some rasied bed so I can grow even more stuff.

Needing: A new pair of blue jeans. My only pair has big holes in the crotch area, but since I’m doing a no-spend month, I’m holding off. I have my eye on this pair from the Gap.

What are you up to lately?


One thought on “Currently

  1. libys11 says:

    loving the mild weather too!!! I’m going to the Raw: Almond Pop up in Feb (hoping that the weather will be mild until then)

    Animated Confessions

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