January Update and February Intentions

My January intentions:

Exercise (at least) six times. Success! With the milder weather, I even managed to run outside a couple of times and I realized how much I miss it.

Don’t buy anything unnecessary. I did so-so with this one, buying a Groupon that I couldn’t pass up, paying for my MBSR course (and parking), and paying for a few other small things. My credit card bill will be $0 this month, so let’s consider this one mostly a success. Can’t wait to buy myself a pair of pants next month.

Eat more vegetables and less carbs. Success. I made an effort to chop up veggies to bring with lunches and found that carb-free breakfasts are really easy. Instead of peanut butter on toast, I’d have a banana and peanut butter. Instead of granola and yogourt, I’d have yogourt and a banana.

February Intentions

Exercise (at least) seven times. I struggled getting six workouts in to last month, so I’m hesitant to make a goal of exercising twice a week. This intention gives me one week to slack off a bit.

Drink more water. I’m rarely thirsty and can go a whole day without drinking water and not notice. I’ve made efforts in the past to drink more water and have really noticed a difference in my skin. This month, it’s going to be all water, all the time.

Journal once a week. I used to be really into journalling and I have half a dozen or so journals chronicling many many years of my life. The last few years, I’ve really slowed down on the journalling front, but I’m determined to bring it back into my life.

Work on my posture. I recently had a massage and was told my spine is a bit curved and my chest is super tight from being hunched over all the time. I don’t want to end up a hunchback, so this month, I’m going to make a conscious effort to sit with a straight back and do stretches that will help improve my posture.


One thought on “January Update and February Intentions

  1. libys11 says:

    aahh i wanna work on my posture too! and sleep.. get enough sleep!! plus, i need to clean my room! can’t wait for the long weekend to accomplish that!

    Animated Confessions

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