To Watch: Broad City

Are you watching Broad City yet? It’s a newish Comedy Central show that follows friend Abbi and Ilana, two twentysomethings in New York City. It’s sort of like Girls, but sloppier and way way more crass, and unlike the characters in Dunham’s show who are pretty terrible friends to each other, Abbi and Ilana are truly soulmates who support each other and never sell each other out.

You watching anything good lately?

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2 thoughts on “To Watch: Broad City

  1. libys11 says:

    omg!!! i heard about this when i was listening to one of NPR’s podcast!! and i caught a few webisodes and it’s hilarious!!! šŸ˜€

    Animated Confessions

  2. […] of course, there is my favourite, Broad City,Ā plusĀ Better Call Saul,Ā andĀ Gilmore […]

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