February Update and March Intentions

Oh boy, February was not a good month for my intentions.

February Update:

Exercise (at least) seven times. Big fat fail. I did not exercise even once in February. I injured my knee from going to hard with my running at the end of January and it’s been pretty painful all month. It still hurts quite a bit and I hope that by the end of March, I can get back on the exercise train. I miss it.

Drink more water. I started out strong with this one, but two weeks in, I pretty much gave up on it.

Journal once a week. I managed to journal three weeks this month, so let’s consider this a success.

Work on my posture. Again, was on top of this for about two weeks and then gave up. My massage therapist is going to be very disappointed in me.

March Intentions

Continue my meditation practice. I’ve been taking a mindfulness class since January and this has involved a lot of at-home meditation practice. The class ends next week and I know that it’s going to be hard to continue to meditate without the motivation of the class.

Play the piano. I recently got my piano tuned with the intention of starting to play again. It’s time to dig out my old scores and figure out if I can still read sheet music.

That seems good for now. I’ll take it easy in March. You making any resolutions as we head into spring?


One thought on “February Update and March Intentions

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