Saturday Links

my cat is the handomest cat


Oh boy, this has been a busy week what with my mindfulness class, various family things, and work.

  • With this lovely weather, I can’t help but start to covet all of the spring clothes. Love these dresses and this simple linen tee.
  • Interested in putting together a photo album with this app. Seems quick and easy.
  • Love this video of Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon doing impersonations. (Are you watching the new House of Cards season? OMG.)
  • Kevin is making this smoky frittata tomorrow and I’m stoked. Tonight, we’re having portobello burgers with these garlic and miso green beans that are so good.
  • The folk festival line-up came out and it’s so good this year. I’m most excited about Jenny Lewis, but Wilco, Bahamas, and Donovan Woods ain’t too shabby either.
  • In other local news, I’m eager to try out the new Sherbrook Street Delicatessen. Will Winnipeg finally get the bagels it deserves?

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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